Dog Licenses

Announcement: 2023-24 Dog licenses are here.

You may complete a new registration or renew today online or stop by the office and register in person during window hours. Did you dog just get an updated rabies vaccination? Make sure to bring a copy with you in case we haven't received it from your vet.

The town clerk's office is in the process of obtaining emails to send dog license reminders beginning in February, 2023. If you have a dog, please check with the office to ensure we have an up to date email for you in our system.

How do I register a dog?

  • All dogs in the state of New Hampshire must be registered between January 1st and April 30th of each year.
  • To register a dog the town clerk's office must receive a copy of the dog's rabies certificate to keep on file.
  • Dogs, just like vehicles and trailers, can be registered in-person, online or via mail or drop box.

The Cost is:

  • $6.50 for neutered or spayed dogs or puppies under the age of 7 months.
  • $9.00 for unaltered dogs
  • $2.00 for one dog registered to a household with a family member over 65 years of age.

Starting in June, failure to register will results in fines and civil forfeitures and can lead to a court summons and additional fees.

General Information about Dogs and Dog Licensing in NH:

  • Dog licenses are required for all dogs living in New Hampshire.
  • These licenses vary in fee depending upon the age and neuter/spay status of the dog.
  • To obtain a dog license your dog must have an up to date rabies vaccine. The first time you register a dog, you will need to come into the Town Clerk's Office during window hours. Afterward, you may re-register you dog online as long as we have an up to date rabies vaccination on record.
  • Senior citizens do get one discounted license per household.
  • Kennels of 5 or more dogs can receive a kennel license with proof of vaccination for each dog owned. This is a set fee.
  • If you have a new dog, your vet will send us vaccination information as this is required by law. Don't be surprised if you receive a letter from us between February and April asking you to register any new dogs in your household.

The registration window goes until April 30 of each year.

After this time late, fees will be assessed. During the month of June a list of unregistered dogs is provided to the Board of Selectmen. Soon after, local police will serve owners Civil Forfeitures with additional fees starting at $25.

We are now able to process your motor vehicle renewal, dog license renewal and/or a request for vital records online.  Click here to make an online payment.